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HEI Distributor

Buick 225/231 Odd Fire Dauntless V6 HEI Distributor
Sales price: $209.99
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Buick 225/231 Odd Fire Dauntless V6 HEI Distributor



- 1 12V wire hookup

- High Performance 50K ignition coil + control module

- Correct drive gear

Our CRT HEI Distributor Upgrade is completely NEW. Each Distributor includes: BRAND NEW cap, coil, rotor, ground lead, factory locking power lead and complete installation instructions. 

*When installing on a stock 225 V6 odd fire motor with a stock intake manifold, approximately 3/16 of an inch needs to be ground off the front corner of the intake on the drivers side for the distributor to clear. Also, when installing this unit on a stock motor, the ballast resistor will need to be by passed, this distributor requires 12 volts where as the stock distributors used 9 volts.