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The HEI is a complete distributor that uses a large distributor cap with male terminals. It has a built in ignition module and ignition coil. This is an electronic distributor and is "self-contained." No external modules or wire harnesses to deal with. It simply has ONE wire to hook up to a 12 volt source. 8mm male terminal plug wires are used with this distributor.

What are the benefits of a CRT HEI?

A hotter spark with our 65,000 Volt Coil will burn your fuel and vapors more thoroughly, resulting in lower emissions. It will aslo consume less fuel, thus increasing gas mileage.

This "hotter spark" also causes your engine to respond better to "cold starts". You will notice far quicker engine starts even in cold weather.  That's not all...The hotter spark also creates a larger combustion in your piston chambers, therefore INCREASES YOUR HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE!

The "male" spark plug terminal posts on the HEI cap gives you a much better contact between your spark plug wires and distributor cap. Also, the spaced apart terminal posts on the HEI reduces cross-firing and thus produces a far smoother idle.

Standard GM Replacement parts are readily available in our replacements parts section or at your local parts store.

* CRT Performance specifications assure that our 100% NEW original equipment style distributors are manufactured to exact standards for quality and reliability using a die-cast aluminum housing, precision computer controlled machining & individually specified mechanical & electronic components.

All distributors come with a full 12 month warranty except our odd fire unit which is 6 months

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HEI Distributors

HEI Distributor


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HEI Distributor

FORD 330,361 FE/FT

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