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258 HEI instructions

Our all New Brand New 232/258 & V8 HEI Distributors have absolutely no used or reconditioned parts guaranteed!

Brand New HEI Distributor for all 1972-1990 AMC/Jeep engines with 232 or 258 straight six-cylinder engines including Jeep Cj’s, Wrangler, J-Series & Wagoneer as well as many other AMC vehicles.

Our Brand New AMC/Jeep V8 HEI Distributor comes with all the features of our 6 cylinder unit and is a perfect upgrade for your 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, 401

New 232/258 HEI Distributor Only

New 232/258 HEI Distributor w/
8mm Custom Fit plug wires

 New Amc/Jeep V8 Distributor Only

 New AMC/Jeep V8 HEI Distributor w/ 8mm Custom Fit Plug Wires

*cap color may vary depending on availability

- Polished Billet Aluminum Housing
- Centerless Ground Shaft
- Performance Adjustable Vacuum Advance For Optimum Performance
- Brass Terminal Distributor Cap
- Brass Tipped & Balanced Rotor
- High Powered 50,000 Volt Coil
- High Performance Control Module
- Hardened Gear
- Capacitor Prevents Radio Static

What are the Benefits of a CRT HEI Distributor?.

Your stock ignition coil supplies only about 20,000 volts of power to the stock distributor in your Jeep.  The coil used in our High Energy ignition systems puts out over 50,000 volts of usable spark energy to your spark plugs.  Since you are now deliverying about 50,000 volts of power to your spark plugs, you have a HOTTER SPARK.  This hotter spark will burn your fuel and vapors more thoroughly, resulting in lower emissions.  It will also consume less fuel, thus increasing gas mileage.

That’s not all...The hotter spark also creates a larger combustion in your piston chambers, therefore INCREASES YOUR HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE!

The “male” spark plug terminal posts on the HEI cap gives you a much better contact between your spark plug wires and distributor cap. Also, the spaced apart terminal posts on the HEI reduces cross-firing and thus produces a far smoother idle.

Replacement parts are all standard GM parts available at most local parts stores.

All our ignition wire sets are proudly made in the USA and are custom fit (no cutting), heavy duty, 8mm wires...perfect for your HEI distributor upgrade.

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